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Friday, July 19, 2013

That Bridge Never Crossed

Oh, that dream, that dream of green
And that broken bridge was all in between
You and me, we stood apart
Looking at each other and the bridge in ruin

I, on one side
And you on the other
It must have been paradise
For we were together

That bridge was all I had to cross
And the river running underneath
You were with your arms outstretched
But I was, both, in disarray and glee

The moss covered rocks
They blocked my way
Averring “It’s an illusion, girl.
Don’t let it sway.”

That log lying near you
It warned me too
“Ahead of you is death
Go back, you fool.”

And slowly you fade
In front of my eyes
Oh, now I see
The truth and the lies

And I knew for sure
The green was paradise
Alas, I couldn't make
For you, my sacrifice

I wake up today
Without you, my lover
I wonder what would be
If I had just crossed over…