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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The River

Under the sweltering Sun,

I lost few drops of mine,

Vapourizing into the hot air

Oh, I burned, I cried...

I writhed with the bend

Built by some men

I coursed the way it sent me,

Along the way, I went.

I collided with a mighty rock

I sighed, I needed to rest,

It changed my course,my way

A new way, I went.

Some thirsty birds,

Some time with me, they spent

I beamed at them,

While they drank some of me

And then they left.

I have been sad, at times,

Lonely and blue;

At other times, I would just be free

And blue would be my hue.

I went a long way;

I knew not my destiny.

Often, it would just be me

on a long journey.

I was chained by each bend,

I was forced to move by each hit,

It was my little inferno

And I, it's bound self.

Alas, the time came

For me to be free,

When I lost my true self

To adjoin the sea.